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 Phone Screen    v1.0   NEW!

Make a great first impression on your phone screening interview! Phone Screen includes expert advice on each step in the process, from preparing for a phone screen to questions to ask and following up. Being well prepared for a phone screen will greatly increase your chances of being asked in for in-person interviews.
To install this application, search for 'Phone Screen' in the App Store.
  • starts off with a Pop Quiz, that helps you calibrate your ideas of what a telephone screen is all about
  • study the expert advice in the Guide, with in-depth information on topics including Why a Telephone Screen, How to Prepare, During the Phone Call, Questions to Anticipate, Questions to Ask, Closing and Follow-up
  • in-depth material on the most important questions that are often asked in a phone screen, with strategies for answering and what to avoid
  • gives you a permanent tool for rehearsing your answers as needed
  • change the text size of the all of the expert advice, questions and supporting material
  • email yourself a “crib sheet” with all the question material and your personalized answers

Interview Plus   v1.0   BEST SELLER!

Be well prepared for that important interview with this in-depth study aid created by career management experts. Interview Plus systematically walks you through the most frequently asked interview questions, with tips, strategies, things to avoid, and answers. You can record your customized answers, and then be able to quickly and comprehensively rehearse in an organized way.
To install this application, search for 'Interview Plus' in the App Store.
  • gives you the best possible head start in preparing for interviews
  • combines content from experts who have helped thousands of job candidates ace their job interviews
  • includes all of the key questions that are typically asked, with detailed explanations of each question's underlying purpose, tips for giving the best answers, and things to avoid
  • complete customization to your particular talents and career situation - tailor fit any of the questions and supporting material
  • flash cards mode for when you are mobile just prior to your interview appointment - an ideal way to refresh your memory just when you need it
  • random ordering so that you can quickly change the question order in practice mode, to prepare you for the dynamic interview environment
  • favorites, so that you can focus on just the most challenging questions that apply to your particular situation
  • tips and advice, giving essential advice on Phone Screens, What to Wear, Interview Etiquette, Questions to Ask, and more

 Retail Interview Plus    v1.0

Be totally prepared to successfully interview for retail customer service jobs! Retail Interview Plus expands on the premier application Interview Plus (described below), to help you practice for the typical questions asked in retail and customer service job interviews.
To install this application, search for 'Retail Interview Plus' in the App Store.
  • gets you ready to make a great impression at your retail job interviews
  • includes all of the advanced features of Interview Plus described above
  • also includes some of the most difficult customer service questions that are often asked in interviews for retail / customer service jobs
  • includes exercises to practice your math skills, so that you're ready to demonstrate your mastery of cash register skills
  • extras giving essential advice on how to put your best foot forward in applying for retail jobs

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