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Interview Plus   v1.3

Be well prepared for that important interview with this in-depth study aid created by career management experts. Interview Plus systematically walks you through the most frequently asked interview questions, with tips, strategies, things to avoid, and answers. You can record your customized answers, and then be able to quickly and comprehensively rehearse in an organized way.
  • gives you the best possible head start in preparing for interviews
  • combines content from experts who have helped thousands of job candidates ace their job interviews
  • includes all of the key questions that are typically asked, with detailed explanations of each question's underlying purpose, tips for giving the best answers, and things to avoid
  • complete customization to your particular talents and career situation - tailor fit any of the questions and supporting material
  • flash cards mode for when you are mobile just prior to your interview appointment - an ideal way to refresh your memory just when you need it
  • random ordering so that you can quickly change the question order in practice mode, to prepare you for the dynamic interview environment
  • favorites, so that you can focus on just the most challenging questions that apply to your particular situation
  • tips and advice, giving essential advice on Phone Screens, What to Wear, Interview Etiquette, Questions to Ask, and more

This demo will show you all of the main screens and features included in the Interview Plus application. The demo is organized in our recommended logical order, to prepare you for interviewing in the most efficient and comprehensive way!

To install this application, search for 'Interview Plus' in the App Store.          

Part 1. Learning and Review

Main Screen

  • the first screen you will see ("Questions") displays all the questions in logical order
  • to begin your review, tap on the first question ...

Study Guide - Part 1

  • the detailed review screen provides in-depth material to help you think through the question and it's context
  • the section labelled What the interviewer may be trying to determine helps you understand the likely purpose of the question from the interviewer's perspective
  • the Suggested Strategy section gives tips on how best to answer the question, with examples
  • continued in part 2 on the next screen ...

Study Guide - Part 2

  • the Avoid section points out some common interviewing mistakes to avoid
  • the My Answer section is a place where you can enter your own best answer, after giving the material some thought
  • just tap on the answer box ...

Enter Your Answer

  • in most cases, you can just enter the keywords that will remind you of your own best answer, which avoids too much memorization and sounding too word-for-word rehearsed

Back to the Main Screen

  • you have now finished a careful review of the first most typical question asked in interviews, why its asked, and how you are going to handle it like a pro
  • now take your time to work through each question in turn
  • any significant interview is going to cover a lot of material, so give this learning phase the time it deserves
  • you may need several sessions to work through all the questions, but once you have you'll find most of the context is now in your memory recall, just needing a timely refresher
Part 2. Practice and Rehearsal

Flash Cards Practice - Question Side

  • once you've finished reviewing all the questions, you're ready for practice and rehearsal just prior to actual interviews
  • tap your mobile's Flash Cards tab bar button to switch to the practice mode
  • look at the first question, remember your answer,
  • and vocalize (quietly if necessary) your own best answer
  • to check yourself, tap on the flash card ...

Flash Cards Practice - Answer Side

  • ... up pops your answer keywords, so you can check if your mental rehearsal was on the mark or if you need more practice
  • if you didn't enter your own answer, the popup will show the tips from the Suggested Strategy section
  • if your memory still needs more help, you can tap the Study Guide button to redisplay the Detailed Review Screen
  • this practice mode is perfect for when you are mobile, anytime in the hours before your scheduled interview appointment
  • you can also tap on the "Shuffle" button to mix up the sequence
Part 3. Advanced Features

Favorites Selection

  • the Favorites feature lets you focus on a shorter list of questions as chosen by you
  • you may wish to weed out some questions that just aren't relevant to your situation, or because you need less practice on certain questions
  • you can select favorites at any time using the Favorites tab bar feature, which brings up the screen shown here
  • all you have to do is check or uncheck boxxes, then switch back to Questions or Flash Cards
  • and of course you can come back to change your Favorites selection at any time

Customizing Questions and Content

  • in order to tailor fit to your own talents and abilities, you may wish to customize the text of the questions, their supporting material, or even add you own questions
  • complete customization is a unique feature of Interview Plus, as shown in this slide
  • you can switch to customization mode simply by tapping on the Edit button on the right top

Tips & Advice - Part 1

  • Interview Plus also includes free "Tips & Advice", full of useful interviewing advice from our career management experts

Tips & Advice - Part 2

  • this slide shows part of the Interview Etiquette tips
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