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SoccerMom and SoccerDad    v1.0   JUST RELEASED

Designed for the busy "household chauffeur", this is the most complete application specifically for keeping track of regular carpool driving duties. Manage all your driving appointments, find contact info for everyone in your van pools, phone or text their relative(s) as needed, get driving directions, and more. Customizable features include:
  • Familiar calendar view of all upcoming drop off and pickup events, with layouts that are easier to use and more flexible than the built-in Android calendar app
  • Quickly switch between views of Today, Day, Week, and Month
  • Include detail appointment info as needed for who to drive for what, where, when, and how often
  • Quickly access phone and email contact info for all passengers and their relatives in case of changes, delays, or challenges that may arise
  • Tap to switch to your GPS to find the best route between stops
  • Set a password for security of your loved one's schedules
  • Tailor alarms and reminders with a full set of features, including variable snooze times and repeat factors, variable alarm warning times, and how long to repeat overdue alarms
  • Sync from the built-in Android contacts to save you lots of setup time, and resync from the contacts app at any time to avoid duplicated data entry
  • Create groups such as sports teams with multiple appointments to track
  • Record and view special notes for people, groups, and locations
  • Track multiple contacts such as mobile vs. home vs. work phones, home vs. alternate addresses, work vs. personal emails, etc.

This preview will introduce you to all of the main screens and features included in the Soccer Mom and Soccer Dad applications.

To install this application, search for 'Soccer Mom', 'Soccer Dad' or 'crossapps.net' in Android Market or Amazon AppStore.

Soccer Team Van Pool

Here's a typical van pool appointment being setup - the Soccer Stars need to be taken to practice on Pele Field every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ...

Math Tutoring

Here's another example where Billy needs to be at the Math tutor's every Tuesday ...

Soccer Stars Group

A powerful feature of Soccer Mom is being able to create a group, for example, sports team car pools ...

Individual Contact Info

Tapping on Billy shows us all of his contact info ...

Note that Soccer Mom lets you track multiple contact info including telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and links between people.

Viewing Relatives

You're already running late due to traffic, and need to let Billy's parent know. Just tap on Billy to see his relatives ...

Sending a Text

And now all you have to do is type a text message ...

Soccer Mom supports contacting by telephone, text message, or email with just a single tap to take advantage of your smart phone's capabilites.

Likewise, if you're driving to a new destination or by a different sequence or route, your mobile device's GPS driving directions are just a tap away.

Month at a Glance

Here's our schedule so far - driving duties every weekday except Thursdays ...

Next Week

Here's what next week looks like ...

Day View

And Tuesday is going to be busy ...

Alarm Options

You may have noticed the red alarm symbols on the right side of the day view just above. Here's the options Soccer Mom provides to let you customize your mobile device's notifications for your convenience ...

Setup Preferences

Here's an overview of all the settings provided to allow you to tailor Soccer Mom to best suit your schedule ...

Contacts Integrataion

Last but far from least, to save you time, Soccer Mom is fully integrated with the Android Contacts system, so that you can pull over that info from your mobile device at any time ...

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